Teen Winter Reading

Winter Reading!

Almost all of us do Summer Reading but what about Winter Reading?

This summer my turn in numbers were down for Summer Reading turn ins. Not a lot, but definitely significant. Could it have been because of Pokémon Go or was I do something different than last time that teens didn’t like? Maybe it was the grand prize or the prizes in general? I wasn’t totally sure and my surveys didn’t help too much; they said that liked everything! So this winter, I decided to try something new and introduced Winter Reading.

Unlike the Summer Reading chart, this chart was BINGO style and it lasted only about a month, starting before school’s winter break and ending a week after. Teens has to complete one BINGO and were entered to win a prize basket of their choice: gift cards to local businesses, Fandom Basket, or Avid Reader Basket.

Seeing as this was my first year doing Winter Reading, I was really hoping for a return of 20 sheets. Unlike Summer Reading, there was no registration so I don’t know how many initially signed up. However, I had a better return than I thought I would with 45!

Also surprisingly, not everyone did the same BINGO line! Yes, there was a clear favorite but overall I was surprised by what was chosen. Also, because I am weird and love love love stats, I broke down how many teens did each BINGO. Yes, this was weirdly highly satisfying, gratifying, and enjoyable. I’m so weird, haha!

Overall, I would say that Winter Reading was a hit and I will for sure be doing it come winter 2017. What I liked best about Winter Reading was that it showed me that you can be versatile in how you make your reading charts and switching things up can be a really great thing. Keeping Summer Reading and Winter Reading fresh with new elements can be beneficial for you and your teens!

We want to hear from you! Do you do Winter Reading for your teens? How do you run it?


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