Teens Say the Darndest Things

We all know that teens can be characters. If you’ve ever just sat and overheard a teen conversation, you know that teens can say the darndest things. The TSU agents thought we’d some some of our funnier moments today.

Pam says:

My favorite conversations were the ones teens had while playing on our PS4. Something about the nature of gaming just loosens the tongue.

“You smell like onions and you have gum in your mouth.” Classic insult.

Teen #1: “You know, it’s Rule 34.”
Teen #2: [bewildered] “Ummmm, is that about sex?”

Once, there was a guy and his two girl friends sitting, watching another friend play a game. One of the girls decided to give her makeup a post-school refresh, so she pulled out a mirror, a mascara, and a lash curler. The guy looked on in slight bewilderment. He made a comment like, “How do you DO that?” and she decided to show him. The best part was when she came at him with the lash curler. He completely freaked out and was like, “Don’t touch my eye! OMG don’t!” and then there was some high-pitched squeaking. Same with the mascara wand–he was convinced that she was going to poke his eye out. She just rolled her eyes. It was a delightful little gender role-reversal.


Molly says:

TAB meeting talk…

Me: OK guys, give me some ideas for Teen Summer Reading Prizes.

Teen boy: Krispy Kremes.

Me: You want donuts as a Summer Reading prize?

Teen boy: They’re really good.


Some teens were throwing things in the lobby and I casually reminded them that we have security cameras. One of the girls asked if there were cameras in the elevator. I hesitated (because I totally wanted them to think they had to behave in the elevator!) but I told them the truth that no, there were no cameras in there. The girl looked relieved. “That’s good,” she said, “because I just changed my clothes in there.”

I told her that really wasn’t a good idea.


Teen boy: “When I die, I’m planning to haunt the library so I can read in the afterlife.”

Me: “That’s cool….”

I consider myself young and hip, but sometimes I become acutely aware of the generation gap.

Exhibit A: Anime Club

The scene: Watching Hetalia: Axis Powers, close-up on a rotary-dial phone.

Teen Boy: What’s that?

Me: That’s an old-school phone.

Teen Boy: Wait, what??

Exhibit B: Titanic Centennial Program

Teen Girl: Are you going to go see the new movie that’s coming out, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Me: Nope, saw it in the theater the first time it came out. It’s a great movie, but I’m sure the boat still sinks.

[crickets, exchanging of looks]

Teen Boy: How old ARE you…exactly?

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