The Great Greene Heist

The Great Greene HeistThe Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson
Published by: Arthur A. Levine
Release Date: 27 May 2014
Pages: 240
Genres: Diversity, Funny, Graphic Novel, Realistic
Recommended For: Grades 6-8
Submitted by: Renata Sancken


Jackson Greene has run a number of schemes at Maplewood Middle School. He’s talented at picking locks and pockets, but he doesn’t use his skills for evil. But since he got caught in the principal’s office last year, he’s sworn off all capers on school property. At least until he hears that Keith Sinclair is planning to sabotage Jackson’s crush, Gaby’s, campaign for school president. Jackson knows Gaby would be a great school president, and he’s sure she would win if it weren’t for Keith’s plans. So Jackson decides to assemble a team to help him pull one last job… there’s Hashemi, the tech genius. Bradley, the artist. Megan, the scientist. And Charlie, the reporter. Together, they come up with a plan that will make sure the school election goes as planned… and hopefully, make Gaby realize what a good guy Jackson Greene really is.

If you like team heist movies like Ocean’s 11 and the Fast and the Furious, or if you like funny school stories, I’d definitely recommend The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson.

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