The Looney Experiment

The Looney ExperimentThe Looney Experiment by Luke Reynolds
Published by: Zondervan
Release Date: August 4th 2015
Pages: 208
Genres: Realistic
Recommended For: 6th - 8th grade


Atticus’, or Fatticus as the class bully likes to call him, life just got worse. His home life has fallen to pieces since his dad announced that he was leaving. With both his school and home life horrible, he has little to look forward to. That is until the substitute teacher, Mr. Looney show up. He’s old and, well, kind of weird. And I do mean weird. The first day in class all he did was walk the aisle and stare each student in the eyes. The second day? He spends the class yelling to jungle music and forming a giant conga line. However, Atticus will soon learn that there a method behind Mr. Looney’s unusual ways. One that just may help him unlock hidden truths within him and help him find the courage to tackle his problems head on.



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