The Raft

The RaftThe Raft by S.A. Bodeen
Published by: Square Fish
Release Date: 2013
Pages: 256
Genres: Survival Stories
Recommended For: 6th grade and up


If you liked Hatchet or Island of the Blue Dolphins, you would like The Raft. Robie is an experienced traveler who often flies between her aunt’s home in Hawaii to her parents’ home on the Midway Atoll islands in the Pacific Ocean. Robie travels home from a visit to her aunt on a small plane with only herself, the pilot, copilot and a few basic supplies. Unfortunately, since Robie’s parents don’t know she’s headed home earlier than expected, when a storm hits and the plane crashes, who will know to look for them? How will Robie and her copilot, Max, survive on a life raft surrounded by sharks when all they have a bag of Skittles to eat and no other supplies?

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