Things To Do at a TAB Meeting #1: Make a Book Display!

You’ve worked hard to get teens interested in coming to your Teen Advisory meetings and they’re finally here!

Now what???

One of my go-to activities for my TAB meetings – after snacks, of course – is to have them do monthly book display and/or decorate for various holidays. Since we usually have meetings once a month, this works out pretty well. I’ve found that when I don’t have a specific agenda (or haven’t had time to plan one) this seems to really engage them, regardless of age or gender. I usually try to research 2 or 3 ideas for displays, typically from Pinterest, and print pictures of them so they have an idea of where to start. Sometimes they try to copy one, or make their own. It usually becomes a scavenger hunt for books that fit the display theme, whether it’s by a word in the title or the color of the cover. It can even be a STEM activity if you try to build a book tree!

Here are a few reasons why this is such a great activity to do with your TAB:

  1. It requires a sneaky form of teamwork
  2. It makes the teens feel more at home in the library
  3. It makes the teen space THEIR space
  4. They become more familiar with the collection
  5. As I mentioned before, teens of all ages, genders, backgrounds, etc. can usually get into it and have fun!

Here are a few pictures of my TAB creating some amazing displays! Check out my Pinterest boards for some ideas!



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