Thirteen Chairs

Thirteen ChairsThirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton
Published by: Scholastic Inc.
Release Date: July 28th 2015
Pages: 256
Genres: Ghost Story
Recommended For: 6th & 7th grade


In an abandon building, Jake finds 12 other people, ranging all ages, sitting around a table. There are no lights beyond the single candles for each person. They welcome him to join them in their night of storytelling and one by one, they tell ghost stories. Some are things they heard from someone else, some are things that happened to them, and some are complicate fabrications of the imagination. The one goal? To tell something that will scare everyone else. As each story is told, a candle is blown out, and darkness wraps around them more and more, Jake realizes that things are even creepier than he imagined. Could he really be listening to ghost stories from ghosts?! And will he be able to come up with a tale that will be good enough? This collection of short stories are sure to send a chill up your spine.



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