YA SMACKDOWN May 2017 Round-up

Welcome to our YA Smackdown Round-Up! For those of you who haven’t heard about it, YA Smackdown is an informal, guerrilla-style idea-sharing activity for teen library service professionals. It’s always fun and there’s something to learn for everyone.

You can join in on a Smackdown at various professional events, start your own with our handy downloadable kit, or join in on a TSU-hosted challenge on social media every Wednesday! (Find us on FacebookTwitter, and Tumblr.)

After each month, we’ll post a collection of some of the more noteworthy responses. We hope you’ll all join in every week!

Describe Your Dream Teen Area

An entire floor, a fully stocked fridge, fully staffed, booths and bean bag chairs, one velcro wall, one chalk board wall, tons of windows, TV, video games, plenty of tech & computers, AND SO MANY BOOK SHELVES. I need more book shelves. – Katy K.

Fully staffed. – Cindy S.

One half of the library, more shelves, chairs/rug/bean bag chair aka “Chill Area”, area for computers, windows for natural light, wall space to hang posters, whiteboards for interactive passive teen activities as well as to use for studying, a reference desk for me to be of service for them, study room that can be signed out to, charging stations, funding for supplies so they can print, staple, glue, etc. – Kelly L.


What is Something that Every Teen Services Librarian Needs?

A sense of humor. – Rachel E.

A good poker face. – Mandy H.

A supportive staff/coworkers who are consistent and fair to the teens when the teen librarian isn’t around/is busy. – Jessy G.


Favorite Craft Program?

Perler beads. Hands-down, this is the most popular craft I do with my teens. They BEG to have programs centered just on Perler beads (and it gives me a chance to teach them how to use an iron, which many of them have never done). I even keep some of their in-progress projects on a shelf in my office between programs. – Jenni F.

Candy sushi. – Drue W.

Bento boxes. A lot of work, but we filled every available space two years running. – Sandra G.