YA Smackdown Roundup, August 2016

Welcome to our YA Smackdown Round-Up! For those of you who haven’t heard about it, YA Smackdown is an informal, guerrilla-style idea-sharing activity for teen library service professionals. It’s always fun, and there’s something to learn for everyone.

You can join in on a Smackdown at various professional events, start your own with our handy downloadable kit, or join in on a TSU-hosted challenge on social media every Wednesday! (Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.)

After each month, we’ll post a collection of some of the more noteworthy responses. We hope you’ll all join in every week!

Do you prefer print books or audiobooks? Why?

“I equally enjoy both. I like audio for something to listen to while driving, working out, cleaning, etc, and I often find it’s easier for me to commit to something I might never otherwise get around to reading. But sometimes the narrator is terrible or sometimes I want to finish a book quickly or sometimes I just want to have a book in my hand. Print is great for all the times when I want reading to be my activity, not my distraction.” – Amy T.

“Book for initial read, Audio for re-reads! I just find that if I’ve read it already, I don’t feel as bad if I space out through a section. Plus, getting the two different reads brings up different things. Like, if the narrator emphasizes dialogue in a way that I didn’t, it gets super interesting! …Did I mention my undergrad was English Lit? Ha” – Katy K.

“Print. I read faster than they talk and it makes me crazy.” – Janice D.



What was your most successful passive program?

“‘spread the love’ a small table with slips of red, pink etc colored paper and pens. They wrote a positive affirmation on a slip and stuck it in a random book to make someone’s day.” – Kelsey P.

“The word search on our huge glass windows at the entrance to our teen space. The letters are written on one side of the glass, and the teens circle the words on the other. We changed it several times throughout the summer and are averaging more than 250 people a month who work on it!” – Rachel S.

“Honestly, the one I started today was so crazy successful in the first hour that I think it is my best so far! Our button maker can also make little magnets. I made 20 Bulbasaur (Pokemon) magnets and hid them all over the library (most of our shelves and window frames are metal, so they stuck everywhere) and put up a display challenging the teens to find them (and check off one of the boxes on the sheet when they did, so I would know when they were all found). In only the first hour, twelve out of the 20 were found! I had hidden them in pretty tough spots so I was really surprised by how many were found in such a short time…I ended up hiding another 20 before I left for the day because I’m not in again until Friday and I want it to at least last until then!” – Valerie S.


What single item could you never do without as a teen librarian?

“Caffeine. Preferably in large quantities.” – Jenni F.

“My sense of humor.” – Sonali K.

“Supportive administration” – Ellen S.

“Urban Dictionary (jk but only a little). But for realsies, I’d have to say Cheetos. I once tried taking them away and almost had to break out the riot gear (I wish I had riot gear. Because then that would be my answer).” – Lauren H.



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