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I’m always on the hunt for display ideas. That’s one of the reasons I started reading Teen Services Underground long before I ever posted here. Coming up with new ideas or remembering hits from the past can be challenging. Instead of doing a deep-dive into one display idea with this post, I thought I’d share my personal list with you instead. Some of these ideas are basic concepts you’ve probably done, but I hope there are also displays on this list that are new to you. Some displays are my own creations, others have been accumulated from Google and Pinterest searches over the years, and some are popular themes or genres. If I’ve already posted about a display on this site, I’ve linked to it below.

I work in high school libraries, so a few of these ideas will work best for my fellow school library workers, who might have a mixture of tween, teen, and adult titles from which to pull.

No matter where you work, I hope this post is helpful and inspires you to get books into the hands of the kids that come through your doors.

  1. Accessible Classics
  2. Action and Adventure
  3. Activists and Allies
  4. Alex Award Winners
  5. Antiracist Reading
  6. Athletes and Sports
  7. Autobiographical Fiction
  8. Backlist Books You Might Have Missed
  9. Banned Books Week
  10. Beloved Books and Their One-Star Amazon Reviews
  11. Best Fiction for Young Adults (YALSA’s list)
  12. Beyond the Grave: “Dead” Narrators
  13. Biographies and Memoirs
  14. Black Joy
  15. Blind Date with a Book
  16. Body Image and Self-Esteem
  17. Book Bundles (Stacks of books with similar themes that check out as a set)
  18. #BookTok: Popular TikTok Books
  19. Books About Books, Reading, and Writers
  20. Books by the Numbers (Books with numbers in the title)
  21. Books in Translation
  22. Books on the Move: Stories of Journeys and Travel
  23. Books Set Outside the USA
  24. Books with Zero Checkouts: Save Them from Being Discarded
  25. Bullying
  26. Caps and Gowns: Graduation Stories
  27. Chills and Thrills (Horror, thrillers, mysteries, true crime)
  28. Classic Spooky Tales
  29. Classic YA Titles
  30. Contemporary Novels Inspired by the Classics
  31. Courage and Resilience
  32. Creepy Creatures: Monsters, Vampires, Ghosts, and Zombies
  33. Crossing Borders: People from Various Cultures and Places
  34. Dear Diary: Books Written as Diary Entries
  35. Death, Grief, and Loss: Stories to Show You’re Not Alone
  36. Debut Authors
  37. Dragons
  38. Dystopian Tales
  39. Epistolary Novels
  40. Fairy Tales: Classic and Modern
  41. Faith, Doubt, and Spirituality
  42. Fame and Fortune
  43. Fascinating First Sentences
  44. Feast on Books: Food and Cooking
  45. Fiction and Nonfiction Pairs
  46. Find Your Genre (Display featuring sci-fi, horror, romance, manga, and lots more)
  47. Friendship Fiction
  48. From the Page to the Screen
  49. Get Crafty: Crafts, Drawing, Painting, and More Creative Goodness
  50. Ghost Stories
  51. Gothic Literature
  52. Graphic Novels Based on Prose
  53. The Heart of the Matter (Books with “heart” in the title or on the cover)
  54. Heroines and Heroes
  55. Humor
  56. I Didn’t See That Coming: Books with Twists and Turns
  57. “I Don’t Remember the Title But the Cover Was Blue” (Or red or green or. . .)
  58. Immigrant Stories
  59. Individuality and Identity
  60. It’s Time to Commit (Books with 400+ pages)
  61. Judging by the Cover (Bright, eye-catching covers)
  62. Law and Order: Stories of Crime and Punishment
  63. LGBTQIA+ Titles
  64. Libraries in the Library: Books Featuring Libraries/Bookstores
  65. The Library’s Most Popular Titles
  66. Literary Superlatives (Most likely to make you cry, laugh, angry, etc.)
  67. Magic and Magical Realism
  68. Mental Health
  69. Misfits and Outcasts: Stories of Finding Out Where You Belong
  70. Modern Classics
  71. Music
  72. Myths and Legends
  73. New Year, New Start
  74. Patron Recommendations
  75. Perspectives On: Class, War, Gender, etc.
  76. Poetry and Books in Verse
  77. Portrait of an Artist: Books About Creative People
  78. Race and Civil Rights
  79. Reading Around the World: Books Set on Each Continent
  80. Reluctant Readers: Find the Right Book for You
  81. Resistance, Rebellion, and Revolution
  82. Road Trips
  83. Romance and Love Stories
  84. Royal Reads
  85. Satire
  86. Short and Sweet (Books less than 250 pages)
  87. Short Stories
  88. Space and Astronomy
  89. Start a Series
  90. Survival Stories
  91. Tear-Jerkers
  92. Technology and Science
  93. Time-Travel
  94. True Story: Fiction Based on Real Events
  95. Unreliable Narrators
  96. War and Peace
  97. Women’s History
  98. World War I and II Stories
  99. Write Your Own Story: Books for Writers
  100. You Build the Display (Patrons set out books they like)

That’s it from me! What are some of your favorite display ideas?

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