Adulting 101

How to adult?! Many of us on Facebook have written posts either asking about or sharing ideas for “adulting” classes for teens. There are so many amazing ideas out there that I’ve added them all here as a way for you to easily search and snag! Plus your titles were fantastic; “Life Hacks” and “#LifeSkills” and just straight to it “How to Adult.” You guys are all amazing.

Apartment Hunting 101
All Things Cars- From changing a tire, to checking your oil, filling up window washer fluid, and changing a headlight
Budgeting 101
Checking Accounts & Savings Accounts
CPR & First Aid
College 101- Invite local college students or representatives to present
College Applications
Getting Around Town w/out a Car
Healthy Eating on a Budget
How to Fill out a Job Application
How to Get a Summer Job
Laundry Basics
Nail that Interview
Resume Tips
Scholarships and How to Get One
Sewing 101
Stress Relief
Tool Kit
Your First Credit Card

Be sure to check around your community to see who you could bring in to present!

One thing I will add is that these programs may not have teens knocking down your doors to get into. When I did them at my library, the most popular ones were cooking and CPR. In times like these, I like to remind myself that it’s about quality not quantity. Offering a program like this can help change the lives of those two or three teens that attend and that’s what we’re striving for!


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