Comic-Con in the time of COVID

So last year, I chronicled my adventures in starting and launching a library comic-con from scratch. (Just search comic-con on here to see the posts). The day we closed due to COVID, we had our first planning meeting scheduled which obviously got derailed.

As we progressed into summer, it became readily apparent that our second BeebeCon would not be able to go on in person. We’re likely to still not even be open to the public, let alone allow well over a hundred people through our doors. So, we’re going to take it virtual!

Luckily, a lot of the framework is already in place from last year (if we’d been planning to launch this year, we would have put it off a year), so our initial plans for our October virtual con have been pretty easy to work up. Instead of just Saturday, we’re going to extend it over 3 days – Thurs through Sat of the same week. Most of our events will be prerecorded and posted at set times throughout the weekend, but we have a variety of live programs planned too – whether those will be zoom or just on facebook (then ported to YouTube) have yet to be decided.

A lot of the programs are the same we ran last year, just online. Some programs we’re looking at doing:

Themed storytime

Cosplay 101

Lightsaber training (our huge hit last year)

Droid Racing


Cosplay contest

Artist Alley

Crafting with recyclables (Giving them a challenge to complete using recyclables)

Scavenger hunt around town

Virtual troop with our local 501st and Rebel Legion


Mario Kart Tournament

It’s not going to be perfect, but it’ll be a nice bridge to keep people’s attention until we can hopefully run it in person again next October. Anyone else moving their library comic-cons online?


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