Fab(rication) Friday: Fun Maker Websites for Teens and Tweens

While there are a lot of classic and well-known maker and craft websites, like Make and Thingiverse,  for this Friday, I want to highlight a few lesser known sites that I’ve had success with using with teenagers lately.

Music Lab Song Maker: An in-browser music design lab. While it’s not the most feature rich, it’s a great way to get started with DIY song writing.

Flipsnack: Zine Maker: Zines are back! Several of my students enjoy creating their own zines and have used Flipsnack for easy designing.

PBS Kids Design Squad:  This tween-friendly site helps young makers learn more about the engineering process while also sharing their creations and playing games. It’s got a lot of fidget projects, which are still popular with our middle schoolers (your milage may vary on that one).

DIY.org: Teens, tweens, and kids can earn badges for learning new crafts and maker skills and sharing their work on this Little Bits affiliated site. There’s even an iOS app to make sharing easy!

High school projects on Instructables: Instructables is a great place to get ideas for new projects and learn new skills, but sometimes the projects aren’t appealing or just right for a teen audience. This page collects some teen friendly projects that several of our students have adapted for class projects.

What are some sites you have used in your makerspace lately?

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