Fresh Activities for your Anime/Manga Club

If you have a long running Anime or Manga club it can be challenging to find new things for them to do.  You’ve done the candy sushi, the paper figures, haiku, origami, and perler bead art. Now what?

One Minute Drawings

Inspired by this post from Tinkerlab one minute drawings will work great whether your members consider themselves artists or not. With only one minute to draw nobody’s work will be perfect anyway, but it will get them thinking creatively. Try giving them different prompts every handful of minutes, like drawing villains or pets.

The Beginners’ Guide

Let your teens be the experts and have them create a beginners’ guide, either to manga in general or a specific series they love. It can be as broad or narrow as their ideas allow and you can turn the finished product into a handout, bulletin board, or blog post for your library.  This is also a great idea if you’ve been under administrative pressure to include more obvious literacy activities in your programs.

Cosplay Headwear Extravaganza

Given the materials this would be somewhat of a larger scale program, which might make it ideal for Summer Reading.  This Unicorn Headband tutorial could easily be modified for bigger heads and even different types of animal ears.  If you have high schoolers who are more sophisticated cosplayers they might prefer this flower and antler headband video tutorial.  Maybe mini-top hats are more their style?


Temporary Tattoos 

Did you know temporary tattoos are fairly easy to create using the teens’ own drawings?  This tutorial will show you how using only gel pens, parchment paper, and water. Only you know if this is a workable program activity in your community, but if you can it’s sure to be a hit.

Whose Line Is It Anyway Film Dub

If you’ve ever watched the improv show Whose Line is it Anyway you might have seen this game. Basically a film clip is played without sound and the players take a character on screen and make up the dialogue as they go along. Pick some short anime episodes or clips and let your teens create a new story as they go along.

Koinobori Carp

If your group is on the tweenish side, or just likes to do crafts, these Koinobori Carp used for Children’s Day in Japan might be a fun choice.


Best Lists

Host a discussion where the goal is to create Top 10 Lists in different categories such as Best Villain, Best Character, Coolest Magical Ability, etc. Not only will your teens have to back up their arguments with text, but you can help them learn to keep discussions civil.

Japanese Book Binding

Make journals using discarded manga or Japanese themed scrapbook paper for the covers using this Japanese Book Binding Tutorial. Depending on your group you might want to leave using the awl to the adults.



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