Harry Potter Book Night!

hp night

This year my public library planned ahead of time to have a program for the second annual Harry Potter Book Night, a celebratory event sponsored by Scholastic. We had a variety of activities planned for all ages, and the event planning and preparation was done in collaboration by the Teen Librarian, an Adult Programmer, and a Children’s Librarian.


HP Book Night Flier

We started out with a Sorting Ceremony using quizzes put together with questions from the official Pottermore sorting quiz. You could also set up laptops with the Pottermore quiz on them, but I didn’t want to tempt the technology gods by having more than 1 laptop in a room at a time!

While people were being sorted we had a coloring and craft station where people could color pages copied from the Harry Potter Coloring Book and decorate bookmarks and tote bags with their House symbols.

Once the attendees (kids, teens, and their parents!) had completed the Sorting Quizzes (or if they were already certain which House they were in) we handed out House crest charms that were printed with our 3D Printer Makerbot. All of the House Crest templates were found on Thingiverse. As we gave them a charm we tallied up how many people were sorted into each house for the ongoing House Cup Competition.


Then followed the Costume Contest! Since we only had about 7 participants in the Contest, we had them all parade up in front of the room and strike a pose. The 3 staff running the event chose our favorites and gave them small prizes. After that we held a trivia contest, with questions put together by all of our Harry Potter-loving coworkers. The winning team received our copy of the Harry Potter Coloring Book.

After trivia we made baby mandrake roots out of Model Magic and tiny clay pots! A tutorial like this one makes a particularly easy craft for all skill levels. The craft took about 20 minutes for the school age kids, while adults/teens were done a little faster. Keep in mind you’ll need more time if you have a very large number of participants!

We served butterbeer at this event – both hot and cold! The kids preferred it cold while the adults and teens liked the heated butterbeer the best.


  • cream soda
  • butterscotch syrup
  • whipped cream


  • Put a tablespoon of butterscotch syrup in the bottom of a cup.
  • Pour cream soda over the syrup (heat cream soda in an electric kettle if desired).
  • Top with whipped cream.
  • Stick a spoon in it and serve!

Some other activities that we’ve done at Harry Potter Parties in the past include:

  • Wand-making
  • Snape’s Tears craft
  • “Have You Seen This Wizard” photo booth
  • Decorate t-shirts with House Crests
  • Wizarding Duels

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