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Star Wars Reads Day is just around the corner (officially Saturday, October 10 this year), and my tweens and teens are completely hyped because of the new movie coming out this December. Heated debates are ongoing about who is going to be related to who, and how the Jedi and the Sith are going to be resurrected, let alone how big of an influence the original cast will be in the new trilogy. Being one of the biggest films to hit this holiday season, SWRD is on the radar for libraries across the country but if you don’t have a plan, DON’T PANIC! We’re here with some easy and fun last-minute programming ideas to snag your tweens and teens!


One of the easiest ways to get tweens and teens involved and get things going within the library is to set up self-directed programs. Often called passive programs (total oxymoron because there is nothing passive about how much work we put into creating these programs or how the teens interact with the programs), what is different about these programs is that they are not actively led by a staff member. Especially when you want to do a program but either don’t have the staff or someone calls in sick, self-directed programming is a wonderful way to compromise. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Set up a Star Wars themed scavenger hunt around the library. You can make it as easy as printing out a variety of characters from the different movies and hiding them around the library and having the kids find them, or as challenging as making up clues and having tweens and teens answer them by finding specific items or sections within the library that relate to the science or other themes behind Star Wars. For example, one clue could lead to biographies about Samuel L. Jackson, who was in the second trilogy (the newer movies), while another could lead to space travel.
  • Pull together a craft station with plastic cups, craft paper, and a variety of other materials, and have a “make your own droid” station. Pull up pictures of the various R2 units (all the different rolling droids), make a couple of examples, and let them loose.
  • May the Cubees be with you. My tweens and teens are in love with these printable crafts, and there is no end to the printables in sight. Print a ton of these out in color, or find others online, and lay them out with scissors, glue and tape, and let them make their own army of Star Wars characters.


There is a huge variety of games that ties in to the Star Wars universe which you can use for Star Wars Reads Day. Never forget that all games and gaming use a variety of reading skills- from the directions to interactions with others, tweens and teens are constantly using their literacy skills. Take a look and see if you have these available to you to set up:

  • Lego Star Wars Saga- don’t forget to look up the cheats for undying characters and to make a plan to rotate players in and out of controllers
  • Star Wars Monopoly- there are many different versions out there, but teens have hours of fun buying planets and taking over the universes
  • Angry Birds Star Wars- whether you’re playing the video games or the tabletop games, tweens and teens can learn physics and force applications while having fun at the same time
  • Chess- not technically Star Wars characters, but it is the base of the game that Chewbacca and C3Po were playing in Star Wars IV: A New Hope.


Even though it’s too late to enter any of the giveaways from DK and other sponsors for Star Wars Reads Day this year, you can still use the awesome free resources they have available. All are free for use and reproduction, so photocopy to your heart’s content.


In the Star Wars Activities kit, they have coloring pages, word searches, a sorting quiz, drawing suggestions, writing prompts, trivia quizzes, and craft patterns free for the taking, mostly based off the previous movies and books released such as Vader and Friends and Origami Yoda.

In the Force Awakens Activities kit, there are coloring pages and a maze based on characters from the new movie coming in December.

Are you celebrating Star Wars Reads Day? What are you doing?


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