Music Trivia (the cooler trivia)

This summer for our system wide teen programming I created a music trivia program loosely based on the adult trivia I’ve done in brewpubs.

Kids have the option of forming teams, getting some snacks and then of course answer questions.

For those of you who haven’t done a pubstumper type trivia before one of the fun caveats is that for each category players get point slips ranked from 1-6.  This allows teens to assign higher point values to the questions they feel very confident about and lower point values to those they are unsure of. This adds just a slight more bit of drama/gambling to the process. And of course what trivia would be worth anything if there wasn’t a wager portion

The Link below provides the most of the information needed to the do program that I’ll be doing at my branch. Feel free to steal it, and amend it as you will!


To be honest the only reason that this is called Music trivia is because all the questions revolve around music and there are some sound clips from songs.  But really almost any trivia is awesome!

Now some of you might be wondering what about Kahoot?

Andrea actually wrote a sweet post last year about using Kahoot here

I think Kahoot is great and certainly an option!  I have found I just prefer using paper and pens and the ole power point and then making kids run up and physically turn in their terribly incorrect answers and hilarious complaints about how no one knows that question.

(they totes do Sandra….they totes do know that the Grunge Movement originated from Seattle, Washington)


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