Our Favorite Passive Programs

Today we’ll be discussing some of our favorite passive programs that we’ve done.



A couple of years ago, I did a year straight of monthly passive programs. Overall, they generally went very well. The two that seemed to do the best were the would you rather questions and caption that picture. The caption this picture was my personal favorite. Each week I would print out two wacky pictures (usually of animals) and left post-it notes out for them to add their captions. Each time my end cap was completely covered and some of the captions were absolutely hilarious.


One of my favorite passive programs is doing a “What’s Your ________ Name?” board, such as “What’s Your Superhero Name? or “What’s Your Cat Name?” where various letters of your name or your birth month correspond with names or words on the list. The result is your new Superhero or Pirate or Rapper name. I get a poster/foam board ($1.00 at Dollar Tree!), print out the list and put it on the board. I also like to put out the name tag stickers that say “Hello, My Name Is:” and some sharpies and let the teens write their “new” names and stick them on the board. I usually do 1 or 2 myself to get things going!


I don’t have a lot of good space for passive programs – nowhere to hang things – but I have done a Battle of the Books a couple times that has gone over well. My first was ‘best YA book’, second was ‘best picture book’ and I’m about to start a ‘best series’ round. I just use a piece of poster board and write out my brackets. Then there are half sheets with their ability to vote. After a week or two (whenever we have a good number of responses), I total them up and move on to the next round. The kids enjoy doing it when they drop by and it requires nothing. The winner gets to pick a prize out of our big prize bucket if they want.



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